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When doing these posters, I just try this and that until I have something that I like and I hit save. Then I do more this and that with very little rhyme or reason and save whatever looks good. So I have more posters with multiple versions of each. I’ll post them when I decide which version to go with.

Almost Nearly…

About three hours ago, 11:30pm-ish, we wrapped the house. Those of you who are either in the movie or have read the script know that that is a major milestone on the journey to finishing this puppy up. For those of you who have not read the script, wrapping the house is a major milestone on the journey to finishing this puppy up.

Seven pages to go!

The Cast

Here’s a quick peek at most of the entirely too-happy-looking cast:

Betsy (Rachel Weaver) and her feller, Jeff (Julian Rojas)

Marissa (Alex Storm), Mo (Brently Bullion), and Betsy

Pat (Joyce Liles), Joseph (Mike Zills), and Isaac (Crisco Zills)

Alex (Becky Blair)


Things have been going very well with the movie, but it’s also been very hectic.

To start with, we had two actors bail out just a day or two before what was supposed to have been the first day of shooting.  So we had to push things back a bit to re-cast.  Then, on the actual first day of shooting, we had an old-fashioned no-show.  But we wasted some time sitting around and waiting because she had emailed that she would be late.  We shot around that character and got good stuff but, again, had to push things back a bit to re-cast.  And…

…I could not be happier.

Our three replacements have been fantastic.  Talented, committed, and fun.  Just like the rest of the cast.  The cast, by the way, is:

Betsy –  Rachel Weaver

Marissa – Alex Storm

Isaac – Crisco Zills

Alex – Becky Blair

Joseph – Mike Zills

Jeff – Julian Rojas

Pat – Joyce Liles

Mo – Brently Bullion

Currently, we sit at 83 pages shot over 13 full and partial shooting days with 15 pages to go.

This weekend, I will get some of our behind the scenes photos posted and maybe a few other tidbits.




Round One in the Books

The open casting call this past weekend in Huntsville went pretty well.  Around 35 people came in, which was fewer than I hoped but more than I expected.

Several are under consideration for roles.  A couple were very good but have to be ruled out because they just look so much younger than they actually are.  And none were bad enough for us to make fun of after they left.

Thanks to everyone who showed up.  It takes guts to audition even for the smallest part.

Audition Sides

These are the excerpts that we will be using for the auditions this weekend.  They are pretty much straight from the script but there has been some editing for brevity such as axing scene directions that won’t be needed during the readings.

We will have a reader who will do the scenes with you, but their job is only to read the other part.  They won’t be bringing the emotion that we’ll be looking for from you.

Just click on the name of the character(s) you wish to read for.  Write if you have any trouble opening the files or if you do not yet have an audition time scheduled. 

If you’re unsure of whether to go for Betsy or Marissa or Alex audition for all three. 

If you’re a female who would love to be a part of the movie but you know that you have too many time constraints for a lead role, read for Alex.  

The supporting male characters only have a couple lines, so we’re going to have all of the guys read for Isaac or Joseph then we’ll cast the supporting roles based off of those auditions.  Plus, we want the actors with supporting roles to be people we wouldn’t mind asking to stepup in case whoever we cast in the lead gets hit by a train.

(You will need Adobe Reader) 








Just getting the site up and running.  We’ll get a few blog posts going at some point.  Maybe.