Nothing's ever come from those Dead Tomorrows planted yesterday – Billy Joe Shaver

The Movie

Betsy and Marissa are the only ones to ever escape the clutches of Joseph and Isaac Cook.  The world believes that the father-son psycho pair died in an explosion, but Betsy knows better.  Or does she?  Either way, it’s driving her insane.

Dead Tomorrows starts at the end of a slasher-style horror movie and then shifts over to more of a psychological thriller.  But a little horror goodness pops up later, too.  Here’s a sample: Dead Tomorrows first 20 pages.

The Cast:

Rachel Weaver as Betsy

Alex Storm as Marissa

Crisco Zills as Isaac

Rebecca Blair as Alex

Michael Zills as Joseph

Julian Rojas as Jeff

Joyce Liles as Pat

Brently Bullion as Mo

Philip van't Hul as The Guy at the Bar