Nothing's ever come from those Dead Tomorrows planted yesterday – Billy Joe Shaver


Things have been going very well with the movie, but it’s also been very hectic.

To start with, we had two actors bail out just a day or two before what was supposed to have been the first day of shooting.  So we had to push things back a bit to re-cast.  Then, on the actual first day of shooting, we had an old-fashioned no-show.  But we wasted some time sitting around and waiting because she had emailed that she would be late.  We shot around that character and got good stuff but, again, had to push things back a bit to re-cast.  And…

…I could not be happier.

Our three replacements have been fantastic.  Talented, committed, and fun.  Just like the rest of the cast.  The cast, by the way, is:

Betsy –  Rachel Weaver

Marissa – Alex Storm

Isaac – Crisco Zills

Alex – Becky Blair

Joseph – Mike Zills

Jeff – Julian Rojas

Pat – Joyce Liles

Mo – Brently Bullion

Currently, we sit at 83 pages shot over 13 full and partial shooting days with 15 pages to go.

This weekend, I will get some of our behind the scenes photos posted and maybe a few other tidbits.




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